Linky IO

Social + Storage + AI.

Linky is a platform to work, play, connect, and share with friends, family, and co-workers. With linky you own your data, you're in control, you have total privacy, and you're free to see and say what you like and ignore the things you don't.

Why? Because traditional networks are limiting, uptight, bossy, controlling, attention consumers, that sell out their users for profit.

How it works

  1. Open the app - it's web based so you don't have to download anything.
  2. Make a profile - simply a name, color, and optional bio.
  3. Browse, create, connect, share - the more connections you make the more things you'll be able to find and the more discoverable your things will be.

Who's Linky for?

If you're an early adopter, looking for alternatives to mainstream social media, or interested in online privacy, Linky is interesting new tech you might want to follow. Join the waiting list.

What is linky technically?

Linky is hybrid peer-to-peer software you can host yourself, a self-forming personal cloud that automatically generates from your own devices. With linky data is stored across your devices and interactions happen directly between users' devices rather than through a central server.

Linky is not

  • A centrally managed social network (like FB, IG, Twitter, etc.)
  • A hosting service.
  • An HTTP API.
  • A blockchain.
  • A singular home server or NAS.

What can you do with a platform like linky?

  • Create stories, text, images, songs, and voice overs with AI powered tools. Repair and adjust images. Recreate images of yourself in locations you've been.
  • Share a story, video, and pics.
  • Connect, send messages, meet new people.
  • Be productive. Keep private notes accessible to you from anywhere. Create and share a shopping list. Maintain a personal inventory system. Transfer large files and file sets. Have your own AI-powered home-hosted personal assistant.
  • Save time and energy: Fewer accounts, passwords, "are you human?" requests, access codes, and email confirmations.
  • Launch apps, songs, and videos, from your own app store, even create apps of your own with the help of AI.
  • Play. Host your own multi-player games and play with your friends. Create and share your own games. Access your hosted games from any of your devices.
  • Keep a cataloged, encrypted backup of all your photos and files across all your devices (pcs, notebooks, tablets, and phones.)
  • Do more. Your own email, run 3D-accelerated games and apps from any of your devices, access the web privately.
  • Easily send via social, email, sms, and QR code and access your data from any of your devices.
  • And much more, it's up to your imagination.

The why

We feel the Internet is losing its joy. Our mission is to restore that spark, the fun, the excitement, the sense of ownership and community that drew us to the net to begin with.

(p.s.) How we're funded

Tap to learn how Linky makes money (hint: it's not by selling data.)

Linky is 100% free! Now some of you are thinking... Hold on, if Linky is free then I'm the product right? Well, no. We don't track users or collect or sell users or their data. The platform is free and works great like it is. So how does Linky keep things running? Our support comes from donations and though offering totally optional service, software, and hardware upgrades.

(No account or mobile app required.)