Be the cloud.

Linky is a unique new model for the web

Linky enables websites to utilize data (by permission) from your own local device rather than from the cloud. It's a free, easy-to-use, peer-to-peer alternative to work, play, and share with friends, family, and co-workers, and a developer SDK. With linky you own your data, have total control, better privacy, ultimate personalization, improved productivity, personal always available AI, and can share and interact with others without interference from platforms or advertisers.

The why

We believe technology should be healthful and used for maximal benefit to humanity.

The internet is losing its joy - it's too often unhealthy and often feels as though it's working against us.

Our mission is to make a better and more productive web that works for us, not against us - to restore the spark, the fun, the excitement, the sense of ownership and community that drew us to the net to begin with.

The Team

We're an international team of founders, designers, and developers with a passion to build products people love to own.

How we're funded

Tap to learn how Linky makes money (hint: it's not by selling data.)

Linky is 100% free! Now some of you are thinking... Hold on, if Linky is free then I'm the product right? Well, no. We don't track users or collect or sell their data. Linky is supported through user donation (compute & storage,) optional subscription services, and software and hardware sales.

(No account or mobile app required.)

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