Be the cloud.


Linky is unique new web technology to work, play, and share with friends, family, and co-workers - it works with the web you're used to.

With linky you own your data, have total control, better privacy, ultimate personalization, improved productivity, personal always available AI, and you're free to interact with others without interference from platforms and advertisers.

Technically, what is linky?

Linky is peer-to-peer webapp software that runs on your devices (your phone, tablet, pc,) from which is formed an easy-to-use personal private cloud. With the help of WebRTC, BitTorrent, and IndexedDB data is stored across your devices and interactions happen device-to-device and host device-to-webapp rather than through cloud servers.

What Linky is NOT?

  • A monolithic social platform (like FB, IG, Twitter, etc.)
  • A hosting service.
  • An HTTP API.
  • A blockchain.
  • A singular home server or NAS.

What is Linky most like?

Linky is unique but shares similarities to:

What does Linky do differently?

  • Local First - Instead of data from the cloud, Linky web pages get data from your own device, not the cloud.
  • It's Easy - Linky is the consumer-grade web experience you're used to — most projects similar to Linky are difficult to setup and maintain.

Who's Linky for?

If you're an early adopter, looking for alternatives to social media, or interested in online privacy or personal AI, Linky is interesting new tech to follow. Join the waiting list

What can I do with Linky?

Anything the web can do. But faster, easier, more productive, with more privacy, choice, and control.

Does Linky use WiFi?

Optionally. Linky webpages load initally from the internet, once loaded the page is stored on your device and doesn't need WiFi or the internet - you can use Linky webpages anywhere even without WiFi - data is accessed from your local device ie the cell phone from which you're browsing. Also Linky can use WiFi to communicate directly with other Linky devices on your WiFi network.

How does Linky work without download or setup?

Linky uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. When you open a Linky PWA enabled webpage it is automatically cached on your device. Because Linky data is kept on your device, not the cloud, there's nothing to setup, with a single click you choose to give permission to each Linky webpage instead of each webpage giving your browser permission to their cloud for which they need to do setup.

How do you make money?

Tap to learn how Linky makes money (hint: it's not by selling data.)

Linky is 100% free! Now some of you are thinking... Hold on, if Linky is free then I'm the product right? Well, no. We don't track users or collect or sell their data. Linky is supported through user donation (compute & storage,) optional subscription services, and software and hardware sales.

(No account or mobile app required.)